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          Yancheng Zhiling Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, the beautiful and rich coast of the Yellow Sea. It is adjacent to the Yellow Sea in the East, Nantong in the south, Yangzhou and Taizhou in the southwest, Huai'an in the northwest, Guanhe River and Lianyungang in the north. The traffic is very convenient.


          The company is mainly engaged in: floor heating construction; Radiator construction; Fresh air construction; Construction of commercial and domestic cinemas; Construction of industrial air conditioning, high temperature air conditioning and precision air conditioning; Design, sales, installation and after-sales of metallurgy, chemical industry, machine rooms, laboratories, dust-free workshops, ultra-low temperature units, cooling and heating equipment and accessories.


          Conditioning agent brands are: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; York; Boiler; Warloff imported from Germany; New wind in wallhoff, Germany; German menu high-end module floor heating; American quiet water purification; American earthquake sound; French jinglang sound。


          The company has always adhered to the principle of "survival by quality and development by reputation". The company has relevant professional and technical personnel and experienced teams. Since the establishment of the company, it has met the needs of customers with scientific management, perfect service and high-quality completion, which has been unanimously recognized and praised by customers.


          Our company will keep pace with the times with the support and encouragement of the majority of users, give full play to the comprehensive advantages of talents, technology, equipment, management and capital, and adhere to the enterprise management policy of "honest operation, green construction, pursuit of quality and care for life". All employees of our company will work hard as always, with the purpose of meeting customers' requirements, and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you, so that we can jointly promote the rapid development of domestic electromechanical equipment and hydropower installation industry!


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